Vermont Trip - Page 2
May, 2004
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Another highlight of our trip to Vermont was a visit to the Shelburne Museum, located on more than forty acres of rolling farmland.

There were many, many buildings and exhibits, but only a few will be shown here.

This round barn is near the entrance to the grounds. It is a type of barn that was popular in Vermont in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This one was built in 1901.

This is an actual General Store built in 1840 and moved to the museum grounds on a special railroad track in 1952.

Attached to the General Store is a nineteenth century apothecary shop (a drug store to you youngsters) where you could pick up a couple of leeches to suck out your bad blood.

This is the interior of the unusual Stencil House, built on a farm in about 1840. The artists painted directly on the boards of the house instead of on plaster walls.

Here is Gloria taking a ride on a nineteenth century merry-go-round. Behind her is the Circus Building.

The Circus Building was filled with artifacts, including this old merry-go-round lion and a 3000-piece Kirk Brothers miniature circus parade.

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