Vermont Trip
May, 2004
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In May of 2004 Gloria and I traveled to Vermont in the New England area of the United States to do an Urban Shaman workshop and see the sights. Our wonderful hosts were Katherine and Michael Veilleux, and some of the photos here were generously provided by Mike.

The name "Vermont" is a sort of Anglicized or Creole version of a French term for "Green Mountain," and the mountains there were very green, mostly from all the rain that fell during much of our visit. Before the workshop we had lunch at the Trapp Family Lodge and had our dessert on the Ben & Jerry's Factory tour. The workshop took place on the Johnson State College campus and afterward we went to the Shelbourne Outdoor Museum and to one of the intriguing Vermont Stone Chambers.

Here are Gloria and I with our hosts in Vermont, Katherine and Michael Veilleux.

The workshop was exciting and it stretched a lot of minds.

Wendy, a friend from Connecticut, taught hula to the students during a break.

One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to the Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory. We were very impressed with all of their community development activities.

We were also impressed with their ice cream. Here we are drooling during a lecture before taste-testing new flavors.

Quechee is a spectacular gorge in southern Vermont.

The lush greenery reminded us a lot of Kauai.

The river was high because of all the rain.

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