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A view of St. Stefans Cathedral at Stefansplatz, the center of Vienna.

A shopping area called "The Graben" just off Stefansplatz.

A central feature of the Graben is the Pestsaule, a column built in the 17th century to commemorate the victims of a plague.

The elegant shopping street of Kartnerstrasse.

You can find folk art souvenirs...

... and much more expensive souvenirs...

... as well as high-end shops of all kinds.

One great thing about doing workshops in Europe is having dinner with old friends.

Before the workshop weekend we stayed at the country home of other friends.

They had streams, ponds, flowers, and lots of fruit trees.

We had afternoon tea outside whenever the weather was good.

We had breakfast in the breakfast room.

Lunch in the Garden Room.

Dinner in the kitchen.

Click here for pics of our hike in a local Nature Park.

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