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Fohrenberge is a fairly large nature park close to the village of Neudorf on the outskirts of Vienna.

We took the blue trail up from the Fohrenhof - a type of lodge - and followed it around to the red again and back.

It was a beautiful trail, with lots of spring flowers and fresh green leaves on the trees.

Part way up we saw a sign that said "Matterhorn," the name of a high mountain in the Swiss Alps.

It turned out to be a big granite outcropping, unlike anything else on the mountain.

There was a hole in the rock that framed the forest nicely.

Finally, near the top, we saw a sign for the "Husarentempel."

This was a surprisingly large Roman or Greek-type temple building at the very top of the mountain.

It was built to commemorate a ninteteenth century battle won by Hussars.

The view of the surrounding countryside was spectacular.

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