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5/92 Jungshoved, Denmark
During a workshop in the country south of Copenhagen I wanted to correlate the power animals with the Huna principles and this just popped into my head..

"The world is what you think it is,"
Sang the dolphin from the sea.
"There are no limits, either,"
Cried the eagle, flying free.
"Energy flows where attention goes,"
Purred the cat as she stalked her prey;
"And now is the moment of power,"
Rumbled the ox, chewing his hay.
"To love is to be happy with," The horse whinnied to her kin.
Then from his cave the great bear growled,
"All power comes from within."
The last to speak was the wise old wolf,
Who grinned and licked a tooth:
"Don't ever forget that effectiveness
Is always the measure of truth."

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