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Princeville, Kauai
This one came to me while driving from Princeville to Kilauea. It was inspired by all the beauty around me. The music will be forthcoming.
The birds and bees love me
The trees love me,
And all the fishes swimming
In the seas love me;
I know that
All of Nature loves me, too.

Yes the Moon loves me,
The sun at noon loves me,
All the stars that are coming
Out soon love me;
I'm happy 'cause
The Universe loves me, too.

The spirits of Fire, Wind and Stone love me,
And the spirit of Water feels the same;
My furred and feathered, scaled and naked
Friends all love me,
So do people who don't even know my name.

I hope that you love me,
Say you do love me,
Speak right up and tell me that it's
True you love me,
And I'll tell you that
I love you, too.

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Copyright 2002 by Serge King
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