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7/91 Kapaa, Kauai
During a summer training a student from Denmark sang a song in Danish. It was so peppy I was inspired to borrow the melody with a few changes and come up with this Huna-related ditty. Someday I will add the music right here.

(Verse 1)
Be aware of what you are
And what you want to be;
You can turn your life around
From A to Z.
Nothing is impossible,
Belief is all you need;
You don't have to trust to luck,
Just plant the seed.

Oh, Life is an adventure,
Life is all a dream;
Everything is flexible
And not what it would seem
Dare to give yourself a chance
To do the best you can;
Plan the way to live your life
And walk you plan!

(Verse 2)
When the world is getting dark
And you are full of fear,
Remember to turn on the light
And make things clear.
When you are unhappy
And when you're full of doubt,
Fill yourself with energy
And then begin to shout:

(Verse 3)
There's a little secret
That's as old as it can be;
Faith can make a mountain move
And love can set you free;
So bless the world each morning,
And by it you'll be blessed;
Trust the power deep within
And then expect the best!

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