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The entrance to the Trummelbach Falls area in Lauterbrunnen Valley.

A view of the valley.

Itʻs a time for spring flowers.

And flowing waters.

Trummelbach consists of a series of ten waterfalls inside a mountain, coming down from the Jungfrau, Eiger and others. The map shows the elevator and pathway to see the falls.

Another valley view from the platform of the elevator inside the mountain.

Gloria poses on one of the outside stairways. Most of them are inside.

The falls have carved out twisted tunnels from the solid rock.

The water is pouring down at tremendous speed with a very loud roaring.

Some of the shaped carved out by the water look very strange.

Gloria and our host, Gerhard Schobel.

The adventurers together.

A view of the valley from the highest point..

At this fall we saw actual flakes of gold brought down through the mountain.

More gold further down.

On our way out of the valley I got this shot of Lauterbrunnen Falls at the village of Lauterbrunnen.

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