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The Old City of Bern, capital of Switzerland, sits on a high promontory surrounded on three sides by the Aare River.

Gloria and I stayed at the Bären Hotel in the City Center.

Close by our hotel was the large square in front of the Swiss Parliament building.

Some older men playing chess in the square.

Some younger men play a Swiss form of "Nine Men Morris."

Further up the square is a strange statue of an ogre eating children, about which there is no clear tradition.

And even further, just before a bridge, is a little park featuring a knight and four bears, symbol of Bern.

Off the main square is the gate to the Old City.

Now we enter what used to be the walled area of the city.

Three features of the Old City are 6 kilometers of arcades with shops and restaurants, curious statues on some buildings, and underground shops and restaurants that used to be wine cellars.

Here are two more features: a series of public water fountains, each adorned with elaborate statues; and a very old working clock on the City Gate.

The clock has astronomical and astrological features, and at certain times the area on the right is animated.

An outstanding feature of Bern is the Gothic Cathedral.

This amazing sculpture is above the outer entrance.

Inside is a classic Gothic structure.

The stained glass windows and the surrounding decorations are very impressive.

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