Las Vegas, Nevada
March 2005

While in Las Vegas Gloria and I stayed at the luxurious Luxor, modeled on the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt.

Here is the front of the Luxor Hotel. The reflecting pool is gone now and a tram station is in its place. The camera position of this postcard is about where a tall obelisk stands.

This side view of the Luxor taken from the Mandalay Bay gives a better idea of what the casino/hotel looks like today.

Of all the hotels and casinos that we visited the Luxor has created the most detail around its Egyptian theme. This is a view of one side of the lobby.

Here is the other side of the lobby. In the center is a giant arch that you walk through to the slots and gambling tables.

This is part of the long registration area, with beautiful paintings of Egyptian life. However, the clerks complained about the low lighting.

Right across from the registration desk are these gigantic, full-sized replicas of statues depicting Ramses the Great.

This shopping area and others have shops that feature Egyptian souvenirs, some of which are very high quality. The camels shown here talk to passers-by.

Egyptian art, artifacts, and paintings are found all over the lobby and in the restaurants.

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