Pentwater, Michigan - 2
October, 2003

Here is a gathering of most of the Denkhaus Clan at sunset near Silver Lake, with a few Williamsons, Seegers, and Kings thrown in.

One evening we went to the Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury for a view of their fantastic golf course, a great dinner at the Sundance Saloon and Steakhouse, and a reasonably fun time on their Haunted Hayride (without hay, by the way).

We kayaked on Pentwater Lake and ...

Lorraine got to row her sisters and happy husband Harry on Buck Lake.

And here's the guy who took all the pictures (except this one)

Pentwater is surrounded by woods, which hold occasional surprises.

Here's a close-up of the center of the above photo, and if you look carefully you can see three wild turkeys.

This is a lunch break during a walk in the woods.

And this is a beer break at Pentwater's Octoberfest.

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