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The canyon of the Guayacura rock paintings.

A shallow cave near the mouth of the canyon.

The paintings were grouped together not far from the cave.

Most of them were geometrical like this.

Only a few were rounded.

"Experts" say this is a turtle, but it doesn't seem like one to me.

Some were very hard to define.

These are typical local palms, mostly used for thatch and building. There are also date palms, but no coconuts.

Our guide Francisco explained the nature and uses of cactus.

Saguaro and Graybeard.

A saguaro in bloom.

Gloria learning how to make tortillas.

Finishing touches. Balls of dough to make them are on the right.

The next step is to put it on the stove.

Nicely toasted.

Then fill with refried beans and eat. Yum!

The village of San Javier.

The mission of San Javier, looking from the village. Note the surrounding mountains.

Orchid trees and orange trees.

A side view of the mission showing the solid structure.

The interior.

Close-up of the altar featuring a statue of San Javier.

The side entrance.

Notice the elaborate stonework, all done locally by trained natives.

The olive grove and onion garden behind the mission and near the stream.

300-year-old olive trees.

Another view.

The valley looks quite lush from the area of the stream.

But most of it really looks like this.

Preparing Annabelle's birthday custard.

Preparing the liqueur to go on and in it.

Lit with a nice blue flame.

Here it got a bit out of control.

But all is perfect in the end.

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