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A map of the general area. Note Loreto at the mid left, Coronado Island above it, and Villa del Palmar at center bottom.

A close-up map showing Danzante Island and the location of Villa del Palmar Resort.

The whole area is very dry desert, with about 3 inches of rain a year (all at once).

A small chapel on a hill where we had breakfast.

View from the hill of Danzante Island.

Danzante Island, a bit of Ensenada Blanca Bay, and Catalina Island in the distance.

A view of the pools from the main building. Note that the overall design is like a huge turtle.

This nice view of the bay will be blocked by a row of fractional ownership units in the construction area below.

These are the housing units still under construction.

Inside a model suite.

Dining and kitchen area.

Master bath.

Master bedroom.

Large balcony area.

Looking toward the bedroom entrance to the balcony.

Attached one-bedroom unit that can be locked off.

Efficiency kitchen.

Ground view of central courtyard..

Pizza and snack bar.

"The Market," Italian restaurant where we ate on the last day.

Having our fabulous lunch.

Those incredible canoli.

Annabelle's cheesecake.

Outside "The Market." (Serge is starting to show all those tacos).

The beach is bordered by white sand dunes.

Susan, Sigrid, Gloria, Consuela (a resort guide), and Annabelle.

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