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Loreto Trip 2011-1

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Gloria at the Loreto Airport.

Our hotel for the whole stay.

Interior courtyard from the penthouse.

Interior courtyard from the pool area.

View of the town from Serge and Gloria's bedroom.

Penthouse living room.

Penthouse kitchen from the living room.

Penthouse kitchen from the dining room.

Penthouse dining room (we did get a bigger table).

Penthouse hallway. Susan and Annabelle on the first right, then Sigrid, then Serge and Gloria's room at the end.

Serge and Gloria's bedroom - A.

Serge and Gloria's bedroom - B.

Serge and Gloria's bedroom - C.

Penthouse view of the town.

CLose-up view showing the mission tower.

Penthouse view of Coronado Island in the distance.

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