Below The Northeastern Hook

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Poleho Beach is directly in the path of the trade winds which have pushed the sand inland in a series of dunes. Just below and behind the viewpoint is Ki'i Landing, one of the two important landing points where residents receive their supplies. This also the site of a well-known legend.

In the old days people from Kauai and Niihau would come here to fish and sleep on the beach, but often evil spirits would come and devour the sleepers. A brave man from Kauai built a sleeping house and filled it with carved wooden images. When the spirits came they thought the images were sleeping men and tried to eat them, but their teeth got stuck in the wood. The Kauai man set fire to the house and all the evil spirits were burned up.

The Hawaiian word for image is "ki'i" and that's why the place is named Ki'i today.

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