Opaeka'a Falls

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To find Poliahu Heiau, follow Kuhio Highway (Hwy 56) to the town of Kapa'a (the area may be called Wailua on a map). Just north of the Wailua River at the intersection of Kuamo'o Road (Hwy 580) turn "mauka" or inland for about two miles until you see the sign on the right for "Opaekaa Falls" and pull into the parking lot. There is a restroom there and you can stop to see the falls if you want to. "Opaekaa" means "tumbling shrimp" and the Hawaiians used to catch freshwater shrimp at the base of the falls. From the parking lot you can stroll to the bridge, cross the highway, and look down on the Wailua River. Directions continue with the next photo.

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