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Hawaiian Sacred Site - a location considered especially sacred by Hawaiians. This may be the ruins of an ancient temple, a place that played an important role in ancient legends, or an existing structure that holds sacred relics. In one sense, of course, Hawaiians consider the entire island chain as sacred.

Heiau - a Hawaiian word that is often translated as "temple." They were uncovered, walled enclosures containing various structures within, depending on the purpose of the heiau. Some were used for ceremonies, some were used for education, and some were used for healing. A few were used for all three. The location of a heiau was determined by specialists using a Hawaiian form of feng shui. Please respect a heiau as you would any religious site. Please do not climb on walls or take away rocks.

Power Spot - a location in Nature which was, and may still be, considered by Hawaiians to have special qualities conducive to healing, meditation, or other spiritual activities.

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